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Fab Find: Fun gifts for your drunken hen party girls!

I’m a big fan of Team Hen and all the quirky ideas they come up with for an alternative party with the girls. But, this latest product is just hilarious.

Who even knew the hair tie was needed…but now it exists, it’s got to be a must-have on any messy girls’ night out!

The To Have & To Hold…Your Hair Back comes in five sparkly designs and would slip easily into your party handbag, easily accessible when that intimate moment happens between friends…you know what I’m talking about, right?


Fab Find: Alternative gift list for food lovers

With so many of us waiting until we’re in our 30s or 40s to get married, the traditional gift list of pots and pans is somewhat out of date and useless. I love the idea of having a more appropriate, quirky gift list. We simply asked our wedding guests to gift money towards our honeymoon as that’s all we wished for.

But, how cool would it be – if you are keen cooks – to have your guests donate something far more precious…their family recipes!

wedding gift
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Fab Find: Unique and tasty favours by Holly’s Lollies

We thought long and hard about our favours for our wedding. All too many times we’ve been to weddings where the expensive favours have been left scattered around at the end of the night and left unwanted by the guests. We weren’t willing to waste our money like that and so simply gave each guest a Lindor chocolate in their wine glass – and not one single one was left behind (actually a shame as they’re my faves!).


Holly’s Lollies ( gives wedding guests a little something they simply can’t refuse…lollipops created from ingredients ranging from coffee beans to real gin or fresh fruit.
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Fab Find: Everlasting bouquets by Satin Blossom

It’s such a shame that we can’t keep our bridal bouquets packed away safely with our beautiful dresses, to be admired long into the future. Of course there’s the option of pressing flowers, but that doesn’t enable you to pass your flowers on to the next generation to use on their big days.


Unless, of course, you use Satin Blossom ( As well as handmade bespoke bouquets, they also create corsages, buttonholes, headdresses and shoe clips to match your theme. As every item is made for you, you can even include sentimental heirlooms from your history to be kept within the family for years to come.


Fab Find: Cheeky cards by Love Layla Designs

Life can get a little bit serious at times. Of course, a wedding should be about emotion and feeling, but nobody said it couldn’t be fun!

stationeryIf you are a touch on the cheeky side, these cards are going to be right up your street! Love Layla Designs ( have stepped away from tradition and launched a range of tongue in cheek cards for every occasion, from engagement, to wedding and anniversary.


Friends just got engaged? These will make them giggle…
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Fab Find: Singing waiters offering Opera Anywhere

I’ve wanted for ages to witness singing waiters in action. It was something I did consider for our own wedding, but never got around to properly looking into. I was thrilled recently to witness a pair of singers launch into fun party songs during the wedding breakfast at my friend’s wedding. They were bags of fun and no doubt will remain a talking point among the guests for years to come.

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Fab Find: Pretty garlands by Rainbow Paperie

Sometimes, it’s just the little things which have the biggest impact. I believe less is more and that by picking just a handful of small touches, you can create a striking, memorable effect. It’s the same with planning a wedding; I don’t believe you need to go for every latest gimmick to create a day which wows you and your guests.


Take these unique paper garlands by The Rainbow Paperie (, for example. Imagine how effective these would be strategically placed around your wedding venue. Made by Shaz, you can have them in whatever colour suits your theme – even glitter and sparkles are an option!
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Fab Find: Pirate themed hen parties in Newquay

Finding a theme for your hen party can be quite a challenge. So many have been done time and again and you want yours to be the one getting the girls laughing the hardest. How about a weekend in Newquay…pretending to be pirates??


New attraction Pirate’s Quest ( has launched the unique pirate themed hen parties this year. Groups are invited to get in the spirit of things by dressing up in fancy costumes for their adventure through Cornwall’s piratical past!

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Fab Find: Buy Our Honeymoon gift list service

The modern day bride and groom have already kitted out their home with toasters, bed linen and towels. So, when it comes to the traditional gift list, there isn’t much you want or need. Ok, you could replace and update, but surely there’s a better way of letting your friends and relatives kick-start your married life. We asked our wedding guests for money towards our honeymoon and that is more and more becoming the gift of choice for the couples who already have it all.


Buy Our Honeymoon ( enables your wedding guests to buy add-ons to your honeymoon to make it all the more special.
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Fab Find: Favourite treats turned into milkshakes by Shake Wala!

Oh. My. Goodness. I’ve stumbled into something pretty special here…Shake Wala ( can take your favourite chocolate or sweets and turn them into the most dreamy milkshakes! Not only that, they can set up a mobile bar at your wedding and serve these naughty treats up to all of your guests!

Shake Wala
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