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I Love…memorial charm by Beatrice Belle

There’s nothing more painful on your wedding day than missing a loved one who cannot be with you. My precious stepdad has Alzheimer’s and so couldn’t be there for the whole of our wedding day. To make sure he felt close to me, I carried his wedding ring inside my wedding dress as a comfort.


So, with my dear friend Annie’s big day (HUGE day – she’ll marry live on TV’s This Morning!) just around the corner, I wanted to give her the same comfort in memory of her late dad.


Luckily, my friend over at Beatrice Belle has just the thing to make sure a lost loved one can be a part of a bride’s special day. And so, a sneaky chat with the groom-to-be, old photo scanned in and emailed over and Beatrice Belle had produced the most incredible memorial charm which will take pride of place on Annie’s wedding day bouquet.


Just perfect.

I Love…bespoke card by Love Layla Designs

There’s nothing like giving a card with the most perfect wording. I spend a lot of time picking the right cards to suit a person and occasion. So when it came to going to the vow renewal of my school friend Charlie Smith of Truly I Do (, I had to find something perfect…


Have you ever tried to find a card for a vow renewal, though?? They’re pretty much non-existent, particularly if you want a cool one.


So, the occasion called for the skill and wit of Love Layla Designs ( who cracks me up with her brutally honest range of cards. While even Love Layla’s collection didn’t yet include a vow renewal card, it was no problem at all to have a bespoke card made just for Mr and Mrs Smith.


And here it is…cool, or what!



Disclaimer: Love Layla Designs supplied this card free of charge.

I Love…wedding anniversary gifts by Milly’s Cottage and I Heart Art

As you know, yesterday we celebrated our first wedding anniversary! As tradition states the theme of your first anniversary is paper, I did lots of research into special and appropriate gifts for Mr Robertson and loved what I found over at Milly’s Cottage ( and I Heart Art (


The generous and creative people at both companies offered to put together very personal gifts to mark our anniversary – and these are the results…

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I Love…our alternative wedding cake!

There were certain things we refused to spend much money on for our wedding. Wedding cake was one of them. Neither of us like traditional wedding cake and have far too often seen piles of it left behind at other weddings. The hundreds of pounds people spend on fancy cakes, just to throw half of it away. No, that was not going to be us, so we were determined to come up with an alternative

wedding cake

My favourite dessert is cheesecake so we struck upon the idea of having tiers of cheesecake as our wedding “cake”.
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I Love…our bespoke coasters by Those Little Things

As you must know by now, I love anything with my married name on! So, not only did I simply have to have my name on my mobile phone cover (as you’ve already seen on the blog), but I also ordered Team Robertson coasters from Those Little Things (


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I Love…our special card by Bookishly

So today is 11 months since I became Mrs Robertson! Each month, I’ve been surprising my husband with little reminders of our big day. I will write an article soon detailing the many ideas I have come up with over the months. But, for now, I wanted to show what I will be giving Mr Robertson today as his monthly wedding flashback.


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I Love…personalised spoon by The Faded Nest

As if you didn’t know already, I’m a romantic and sentimental thing. I celebrate any important dates in our relationship and like to look back and remember. So, when I saw these wonderful hand-stamped vintage spoons by The Faded Nest (, I simply had to order one for Mr Robertson’s birthday.


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I Love…my husband’s bespoke MyminiYou figure

Almost a year on from our wedding and people are still talking about our incredible cake topper by MyminiYou ( It now takes pride of place in our bedroom and makes us smile on a daily basis. It is the image of us on our wedding day, with every last detail of our outfits and accessories copied perfectly. When we ordered the personalised caricature, my husband spotted the other occasion keepsakes the company creates…including the Star Wars Stormtrooper models…


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I Love…my husband’s Ric Machin Caricatures birthday gift

So, this week is my handsome husband’s birthday. I love finding appropriate, unique gifts for him which I know he will be blown away by. He’s been working very hard in recent months to create an incredible hangout room for our family and friends, so this was my focus with a few of his bespoke birthday gifts this year. You may recall a recent Fab Find on Ric Machin Caricatures (, who provides amazing stationery and entertainment at weddings. Although our wedding has been and gone, I took my husband’s special day as an opportunity to commission a piece of work by Ric.


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