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The first live This Morning wedding – we were there!

Wow. There is no other word, but wow. To say yesterday’s first ever live wedding on ITV’s This Morning was incredible would be an understatement.

Our dear friends Annie and Gareth were the lucky pair to be chosen to get wed in front of the nation aboard the HQS Wellingon on the Thames, just across the water from the television studios.

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Winner! Sarah Carr wins tickets to The Wedding Fair at ExCel London!

Huge thanks to those of you who put your names in the hat to win the pair of tickets for this year’s The Wedding Fair at Excel London.


Lucky bride Sarah Carr took a friend along to the show at the weekend to see what the best of the best in the wedding industry have to offer for her big day.


Thanks to Mercury Events, Sarah and her guest got free entry into the show with access to more than 150 wedding supplier and experts.


Congratulations – I hope you took lots of inspiration from the show!

Competition! Win 2 tickets for The Wedding Fair at ExCel London!

The best of the best in the wedding industry are preparing to show off their wares at The Wedding Fair at ExCel London this month – and YOU could be going along!


ARBG has teamed up with Mercury Events to offer one lucky bride and her guest free entry to the show and access to more than 150 wedding suppliers and experts under one roof.
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Music: The most expensive wedding music…ever!

We were clever when it came to our wedding music and got our favourite songs put onto CD and played throughout the day. It helped to save us lots of money on bringing in live acts. I did, out of curiosity, however contact Alexander O’Neal’s people to see how much it would cost to have him sing at our wedding…£8,000 (plus VAT) for a half-hour performance. Think that’s expensive? It’s a drop in the ocean to what some couples pay for celebrity acts…
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Becoming Mrs Robertson: Our money-saving ideas

We didn’t have a budget for our wedding. There were no spreadsheets and there were no cutting corners and certainly no compromises. I’m the type of person who, if I want something, I simply work my backside off until I can afford it. My wedding day was going to be no different. However, I am also not the sort to waste money, spend it like it’s going out of fashion or spend now and worry later. The plan from the outset was to splurge on the things which were most important to us (the dress, the venue, the photos) and save money where we could on those extras which nobody would notice if they weren’t there.


In the end, it was about doing a little bit of clever thinking and prioritising. Here’s where we saved money on our big day…
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Becoming Mrs Robertson: Our monthly “anniversaries”

After the months spent planning our wedding, I wasn’t prepared to just switch off that part of my brain when the big day came and went. It didn’t seem right to just forget the day until our first anniversary came around. So, being the romantic that I am, I decided to mark every single monthly “anniversary” in the first 12 months after our wedding. Before you say “my husband would never agree to that”, as one friend has told me, rest assured Mr Robertson has done much eye rolling and laughing at me when the first of each month has come around and I’ve excitedly presented him with a surprise.


However, he hasn’t once refused to partake in the treats or accept the gifts – all with a link to our wedding – that I’ve come up with!


Take a look at the monthly treats I organised for my husband (and myself!). I hope you may find some inspiration for gifts or romantic treats in there for you and your loved one…
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Guest blog: learning to dance with Dance Matters

Our first dance was spent belting our song out, smooching and doing the traditional swaying around in a circle. It was magical and perfect and a precious moment from our day. There was nothing technical or fancy about it, however. Had Dance Matters ( had anything to do with it, we would have been foot perfect.

first dance

Dance Matters help couples to create a dance to suit their personality, confidence and dance ability.


Handing over the blog to Naomi, of Dance Matters, to tell you what to consider when planning your first dance…
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Guest blog: Singing Waiter Robert Bennison

I would love to be at a wedding when a waiter serving food and drinks suddenly bursts into song. Imagine the look on everyone’s faces as one by one, the rest of the waiting staff join in! It certainly would be one of those moments talked about for years to come.


The Singing Waiters ( do just that. Take a look at their promotional video here…


Handing over the blog to Robert Bennison, of The Singing Waiters…
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Advice: Wedding music guide by A Few Good Men

This blog is all about doing things a little bit different. With every step of planning our wedding, we were keen to make choices which were not the same as every other couple before us. Our rule was no different when it came to selecting the music to feature at every step of our wedding day. We managed to pick songs which we’ve never heard at any other weddings and therefore will forever be remembered by us, our friends and family as “ours”.

wedding music

Irish wedding act A Few Good Men ( are obviously as keen as we were to inspire the use of lesser used music for ceremony songs, first dance and even wedding film soundtracks. They have produced The Ultimate Wedding Music Guide infographic, detailing the most overplayed wedding songs and hottest wedding reception tunes.
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I Love…our special card by Bookishly

So today is 11 months since I became Mrs Robertson! Each month, I’ve been surprising my husband with little reminders of our big day. I will write an article soon detailing the many ideas I have come up with over the months. But, for now, I wanted to show what I will be giving Mr Robertson today as his monthly wedding flashback.


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