Guest blog: Singing Waiter Robert Bennison

I would love to be at a wedding when a waiter serving food and drinks suddenly bursts into song. Imagine the look on everyone’s faces as one by one, the rest of the waiting staff join in! It certainly would be one of those moments talked about for years to come.


The Singing Waiters ( do just that. Take a look at their promotional video here…


Handing over the blog to Robert Bennison, of The Singing Waiters…


We have been performing as Singing Waiters for almost eight years. We now have about 12 singers/musicians involved with the act. In those eight years, we have performed at hundreds of events and I have now been to more weddings than I can count.  While based in London, our performances have taken us across the UK, through Europe and even to the Middle East.


When we started, there were already a number of singing waiter companies which had been around for several years. We felt strongly that we could offer something very different to the operatic and “sing along to backing tracks” options that were already out there.  We are unique in the industry as all of our music is played on acoustic guitars and we deliver a larger than life performance with music designed to excite any audience.  Our set list is vast and importantly all music is played live which allows us to offer unique performances that will inject energy into your event just when it is needed.


Let me walk you through a typical performance and how it fits into a wedding.  We have three performers posing as staff working at your chosen venue.  We are dressed in the same uniform as other staff and all performers take on the role of foreign waiters; but incredibly convincingly! We are there from when guests arrive and help serve reception drinks and canapés. We continue to serve through the wedding breakfast; all leading up to the music performance which typically takes place over dessert and coffee.  The music starts with an announcement followed by a dramatic serenade in honour of the bride and groom. With more serenades to others at the top table, we soon have the room rocking and you will be surprised at how many guests find themselves joining in!


Obviously, we are always a surprise act; often booked by the bride and groom but sometimes we are a surprise for the happy couple, too. The pressure is always on at a wedding to have something different or unique. We are the surprise they never see coming and always seem to be the talking point the next day (other than the beauty of the bride, of course!).


We invite you to visit our website and, more importantly, watch our promotional trailer which will give you a much better idea of our act and how it might fit into an event.  Please also take time to visit our Facebook page ( to read up-to-date reviews from recent clients. Seeing what other brides and grooms have written gives the best idea of what our act can do.  You can give us a call to find out more, get in touch from our website and also fill in an enquiry form should you wish to know more.


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