Guest outfits: Is black now acceptable at weddings?

So, we are two out of three weddings down for this year. Two out of three new outfits worn and enjoyed. But, it seems things have changed in the world of weddings…and that black is now an acceptable colour for a guest to wear! Who knew!

The rule has always been, you simply don’t wear black (too dull and serious) or white (that’s reserved for the bride) when a guest at a wedding. You’ve obviously always had the occasional rule breaker, but weddings have always been full of guests in brightly coloured outfits.

guest outfit

I admit to being a sinner myself this year.

Two weeks ago, at my cousin’s wedding, I wore a black and white (oh dear, does that mean I’ve sinned twice in one outfit!?) co-ordinates midi skirt and Bardot top from Miss Selfridge. I had searched high and low for that exact style of outfit and black and white was all I could find. I knew the rules and I decided I had to break them as I wanted that exact style for this wedding.

I brightened it up with champagne coloured fascinator from Accessorize and matching glitter peep toe platform shoes and clutch bag from Pink by Paradox London.

But, when we arrived, I was surprised to find almost every female guest was wearing black – whether it be a black skirt or a black jacket or a complete black dress, it was there in almost every outfit. Whether it was because it was a March wedding and so we had all shopped during the winter for our outfits, or whether times are a changing, I’m not sure.

guest outfit

It did mean I was happy to wear my favourite black skirt from New Look ( to the next wedding, on Good Friday. Made of taffeta and only bought and worn at Christmas, it was certainly made from wedding-y fabric and swished like a bridesmaid dress! I teamed it with a pretty lace top from TopShop matching perfectly with the same fascinator, shoes and bag.

Again, plenty of guests had opted for black outfits and I felt content in my choice.

Wedding number three is just a couple of weeks away, but this time I’m going for navy and cream, to match my husband who is best man! Which is a whole other question – do you insist on colour matching with your husband when you attend a wedding?? This is what my husband thinks about that, but didn’t his tie match my outift perfectly…

guest outfit

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Do you still stick firmly to the no-black/white rule or do you wear what makes you happy? Leave your comments below…

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  1. I do believe in changing the rules, particularly those unnecessary ones. No black or white rule is not meant for eternity. It has to be changed. Glad to know that people are accepting black/white. You look gorgeous in your outfits too. Looking beautiful in what you wear is all that matters. Thanks for this post, Kelly!

    • Kelly Robertson says:

      Bless you, very sweet of you to say! I think you’re right, times change and traditions get tweaked and updated. I guess this is just another example of an outdated tradition 🙂

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