Real wedding: Alpa and Kevin’s modern Indian wedding

Meet….newly-weds Alpa and Kevin. The non-religious couple were able to merge traditions held dear to their families with more modern details which suited them to create their perfect wedding day. Having met on well known Indian matrimonial finders site, they spent a year planning their big day.

The couple tell how they made their Indian wedding personal to them by adding modern twists to proceedings… “It is traditional for Indian brides to wear red in their wedding dress, but Alpa’s mind was set on purple – the dress was custom-made and the details of the wedding dress which would have been red were changed for purple. Of course, my wedding suit also had to co-ordinate so my suit also eschewed tradition.


“We had our wedding registry 12 days before the Indian wedding ceremony and reception day. This day was deliberately kept very low key, with only a handful of siblings and close friends invited to come.


“Alpa had the traditional Mendhi applied before the wedding; her side of the family also held a pre-wedding day ceremony (Vidhi). The ceremony itself contained the main traditional elements, but we’d asked it to not last longer than 90 minutes. The priest even translated the service into English as well as Sanskrit so that all guests could understand the service and the meaning behind various elements of the ceremony.


“We had the Hindu wedding ceremony even though Alpa and I are not religious. The reason being that Alpa is the first daughter of two to get married so her parents (who are more religious) wanted to give their daughter away properly. That said, neither of us were reluctant to have an Indian wedding ceremony – it made the day very memorable for both of us.


“I had a non-Indian best man and Alpa had two non-Indian friends as bridesmaids.

Having an evening reception catered for our non-Indian guests as unlike for the ceremony there was non-veg food served and also alcoholic drinks served. We didn’t need to make a lot of changes to cater for non-Indian guests – a lot of them enjoyed eating Indian food anyway and were also keen to experience an Indian wedding and see how they differ to a British traditional wedding.


“I’d been nervous all morning about all the little details that we’d planned not going to plan on the day. Seeing Alpa revealed before me for the first time in the Mandap – the first thing I saw was her beautiful (cheeky) smile – instantly put me at ease.


“It’s your day and you’ll only do this once in your life! So make it your day.

If you dare to be different and introduce your own personality on it, people are more likely to still remember it in years to come.”

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