Review: Unique summertime drinks put to the test

Despite a lack of summer sunshine these last few weeks, on the couple of days we have enjoyed time in the garden, we’ve been armed with some real treats to try.

On the first day of summer, Mr Robertson and I were lucky enough to have chilled bottles of Cranes cranberry cider to sample. The brand new, 4% alcoholic drinks are brewed from crushed cranberries with added juice for real flavour. We were sent bottles of original cranberry, raspberry and pomegranate and strawberry and kiwi. They boast of containing 16.5% juice and only 99 calories – but, have they managed to create something tasty?

Well, the verdict is yes! I have to own up and admit that I actually don’t like cranberry juice – it reminds me too much of being a treatment for waterworks problems (TMI?)! BUT, thankfully I put those thoughts to one side and thoroughly enjoyed these refreshingly different drinks. Cider is the drink we would generally choose to enjoy in the garden in the summer and so to try a new twist on our favourite was a joy. While expecting the drinks to be sharp – again, my expectation of cranberry – we were pleasantly surprised to taste the flavour without the acidity.

Nice work, Cranes!


So, then came day two of summer and we were thrilled to receive a bottle of the new Gallo Family Vineyards Spritz Peach & Nectarine which literally only launched in June. Promising a “fruity and fizzy taste sensation that will add a refreshing little sparkle to any occasion”, we were excited to enjoy a tipple in the sunshine. I’ve noticed the rise of these new flavoured wines which I think have taken the lead from the many fruity ciders on the market. What a genius idea and something that certainly has made us consider wine over our favourite cider a bit more.

I don’t think I’ve ever tasted a wine – or cider – with an orangey taste before. What a delight! The fresh notes of the nectarine definitely come through, delivering a flavour which is different and delicious. We will definitely be choosing this the next time the sun comes out – or giving Gallo’s other offerings of Spritz Raspberry & Lime and Spritz Pineapple & Passionfruit a try.


With garden parties the norm these days with wedding celebrations, either of these drinks would be the perfect addition to welcome your guests.




Disclaimer: These drinks were gifted in return for a review on this blog.

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