Soap bridal wars – EastEnders’ Stacey or Corrie Carla?

I’m a huge soap fan. So, when there’s a soap wedding, I’m all over it. When there are two soap weddings, I’m in my element.


So, with both Stacey Branning in EastEnders and Carla Connor in Coronation Street marrying recently, I thought it fun to see who you thought styled it out the best.

With both soap couples planning their weddings with budgets at either end of the extreme – with Stacey and Martin marrying on a shoestring and Carla and Nick splashing the cash – you would think it would be obvious which was going to be the most stunning. And yet, in my opinion, skint Stacey blew cash queen Carla out of the water.


To me, I felt Carla’s dress was a bit blah. For a character who’s meant to be minted, she could have had the most elaborate, show-stopping frock. But, instead, I can’t find anything positive to say about her look. Oh, other than the mini tinsel headdress she wore; that was cute.

I thought Stacey, however, looked simply beautiful. It helped, of course, that her character of late has been unwell and therefore lacking in make-up or even a smile so looked radiant with both firmly in place on her wedding day. But, that dress! Hanging up, before the wedding scenes, I thought it risked looking ill-fitting and dull. But, the detail was super pretty and it fitted her just perfectly. Just everything about her look was breath-taking, I thought. Despite the portrayed low budget, I think they looked every inch the trendy young couple who wouldn’t have looked out of place in a real London wedding.

Oh, one thing I did love about the Corrie wedding – the boys’ outfits. My groom and his men wore patterned ties on our big day, so I’m a big fan. But, Corrie took it one step further and gave the men really daring, bold patterned cravats. It’s details like that which I am a huge fan of, stepping away from the traditional wedding look and having something really unique and individual. The bridesmaid dresses – in the same pale silver/grey as mine – were beautiful, too. Well done Corrie for that.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the two weddings – which did you love and why?

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