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Dementia Awareness Week – our story

You may have noticed the new television adverts this week from the Alzheimer’s Society. Showing a normal family lunch, you see children, parents and grandparents around a dining table and the usual chit-chat you’d expect. But then you notice the grandad’s face change, a sudden and frightening realisation he no longer really knows what is happening around him, who these people are and what they are wanting from him. He looks panicked, confused and completely alone. You then see him sat physically alone at that same table; a simply heartbreaking image of the head of the family.


This week is Dementia Awareness Week. A week when we are all being asked to Do Something New in a mission to demonstrate that “life doesn’t end when dementia starts”. The Alzheimer’s Society wants to show the work it does to help people living with dementia to continue on with their lives for as long as possible, even learning new things along the way.


Why am I writing about this on my usually cheerful wedding blog, you may ask? My family is among the far too many living with this wicked, heartbreaking illness. My precious stepdad, Dick, has been in my life since I was six (30 years this year!).
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