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Mum…just as important as the bride on a wedding day

Aside from my husband, my mum is my absolute best friend. We are super close and it was hugely important to me that my mum had the time of her life on my wedding day. Sadly, her husband – my dear stepdad – is in care with alzheimers and although he could make it along for a precious hour of our wedding, essentially mum faced the day on her own.


With such a rough couple of years behind her, mum felt she needed some professional attention to ensure she didn’t look how she had been feeling…drained, emotional and, in her words, ten years older than she was.

mum of bride

On the day, my mum could not have looked more incredible. Despite not being a one for make-up previously, she allowed the expert to work her magic and I’m sure she turned as many heads as me, the bride, on the day.


I’m sure my mum isn’t alone when it comes to feeling the pressure of looking her best on her daughter’s big day. In fact, wedding specialist make-up artist Celina Keywood (www.makeupbycelina.co.uk) has made it her mission to make mums of brides and grooms – and even nans – feel a million dollars on their special day.


Handing over the blog to Celina…
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Beauty: Giving 3D miracle mascara a try

So unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few weeks, you will have seen and heard endless tales of a miracle-working new mascara. The Younique 3D Fiber Lash Mascara is arriving from America into the UK in the truck load as women scramble to get a piece of the action.

bridal make-up

When a friend of mine managed to get hold of the magic potion, I just had to give it a try for myself. I love my lashes. But, I blooming hate the battle I have each morning with my mascara, applying layer after layer until my invisible blonde eyelashes show themselves. I’ve invested several times in semi-permanent lashes, but of course they only last for a couple of weeks. So, the thought of being able to create the look of striking false lashes each and every day by yourself intrigued – and excited – me.
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