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Top Tips…to buying your dresses online

Buying your dresses online can be a huge risk. Many a bride has been burnt by ordering what they believe to be the dream wedding dress or bridesmaid dress, only to be sent something which is nothing more than a piece of rag.


But, if you do your research and use reputable online shops, there are some real bargains to be had. I bought my bridesmaid dresses online and was amazed by the sheer quality and workmanship, despite the low price tag.

Genuine designer dresses at Divine Gowns

Genuine designer dresses at Divine Gowns


Our friends over at new online shop Divine Gowns (www.divinegowns.co.uk) are big advocates for protecting brides against low quality online purchases.


Director Malcolm Izatt has these Top Tips for brides…
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Discount: 10% off Divine Gowns

Brides looking at saving money on their bridal gowns, listen up!


My friends over at brand new online shop Divine Gowns (www.divinegowns.co.uk) are offering readers of this blog a rather helpful 10% off their bridal gowns.

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The shop – which has a partner retail shop, Adore Brides (www.adorebrides.co.uk), where I got my stunning wedding dress – offers genuine designer gowns at discount prices for immediate delivery.


Simply visit www.divinegowns.co.uk and use code ARBG31-05 to get your discount.


Adore Brides has been trading in Essex for more than 20 years.