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Top Tips…when choosing your wedding flowers

The look of a wedding can be made or broken on the success, quality and style of the finishing touches. But, how are you supposed to know the rights and wrongs when it’s no doubt the biggest event you’ve ever planned yourself?


Maria Brown, from Cherubs Florists (www.cherubsflorists.co.uk), shares her Top Tips for choosing your wedding flowers…
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Meet the expert: Maria Brown of Cherubs Florists

floristMeet…Mrs Maria Brown.
Having set up her floristry business Cherubs Florists (www.cherubsflorists.co.uk) 25 years ago, the expert has learnt to move with the times and trends. Now, not only does Maria provide flowers for weddings, but she can also supply glassware, bay trees with lights, mirrors, tea lights and many other modern wedding accessories.


Here’s a little insight into the world of the floral expert…
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Advice: Poppies Designer Flowers gives invaluable guidance on choosing your wedding florist

I met up recently with the rather talented Marion at Poppies Designer Flowers (www.poppiesdesignerflowers.co.uk) who put together my wedding day bouquet. During our chat, she asked why I had picked her out of all of the florists around to do my special order. The answer was simple; I had seen photos of her work and knew she could do exactly what I was after.

wedding flowers

So it got us thinking and talking about how important it is to pick the right florist to work on your big day. Do you know the right questions to ask or what service your wedding florist should be offering? If no, then Marion has lots of advice for you.


Handing over to the expert….
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