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Becoming Mrs Robertson: Our monthly “anniversaries”

After the months spent planning our wedding, I wasn’t prepared to just switch off that part of my brain when the big day came and went. It didn’t seem right to just forget the day until our first anniversary came around. So, being the romantic that I am, I decided to mark every single monthly “anniversary” in the first 12 months after our wedding. Before you say “my husband would never agree to that”, as one friend has told me, rest assured Mr Robertson has done much eye rolling and laughing at me when the first of each month has come around and I’ve excitedly presented him with a surprise.


However, he hasn’t once refused to partake in the treats or accept the gifts – all with a link to our wedding – that I’ve come up with!


Take a look at the monthly treats I organised for my husband (and myself!). I hope you may find some inspiration for gifts or romantic treats in there for you and your loved one…
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Advice: Wedding music guide by A Few Good Men

This blog is all about doing things a little bit different. With every step of planning our wedding, we were keen to make choices which were not the same as every other couple before us. Our rule was no different when it came to selecting the music to feature at every step of our wedding day. We managed to pick songs which we’ve never heard at any other weddings and therefore will forever be remembered by us, our friends and family as “ours”.

wedding music

Irish wedding act A Few Good Men (http://www.afewgoodmenband.com/the-band) are obviously as keen as we were to inspire the use of lesser used music for ceremony songs, first dance and even wedding film soundtracks. They have produced The Ultimate Wedding Music Guide infographic, detailing the most overplayed wedding songs and hottest wedding reception tunes.
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Winner! Signed CD goes to most romantic reader

I loved reading all of your beautiful Valentine’s Day messages last week and hope you had a wonderful time with your loved one.


As promised, I have picked my favourite message…well, actually, I asked Mr Robertson to select the message he felt was the most romantic. And here it is…
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