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Review: Happy feet with Alice Bow insoles

It’s all very well putting together a stunning wedding outfit – as a bride, bridesmaid or guest – but will you be in love with your choice after several hours of wearing it? Take those killer heels, for a start. They may give you the perfect height and match your dress like a dream, but if they end up cast to the side of the dancefloor before the day is done, what is the point.


I have a pair of beautiful navy heels I’ve worn to a couple of weddings. Problem is, they’re a touch too big for me and I do that unclassy thing of walking out of them occasionally. With such low cut sides, it’s impossible to add an insole without it being seen – a total fashion faux pas!

Unsightly traditional insole on the right, compared to the pretty Alice Bow on the left

Unsightly traditional insole on the right, compared to the pretty Alice Bow on the left

So, when the uber pretty Alice Bow luxury Italian leather insoles arrived through my door, I had finally struck upon a solution! Not only do they add the very slight tighter fitting I needed, but they are padded to give your feet maximum comfort.


When the next event came around, I was all set to dance the night away in my favourite navy heels, this time comforted by the fact I could bust my moves without hurling an ill-fitting shoe across the venue! And, do you know what, the Alice Bow insoles did the trick; I kept my party shoes on all day and all night without complaint.

The Alice Bow insoles, made in London, come in a wide range of colours – including this beautiful Metallic Light Blue which is the ideal “something blue” for the bride and comes with a lucky six pence – and can transform your high street shoe into what looks like a far more expensive accessory with its imprinted name and shimmer.


Tag your photos #savedbyalicebow on socials!



Disclaimer: Alice Bow provided the insoles free of charge in return for a review on this blog.



Wedding diary: Vow renewal for Charlie from Truly I Do

In just a few short weeks, my good friend Charlie Smith from Truly I Do (http://trulyido.weebly.com) will stand with husband Dan before their friends and family and renew their wedding vows…but this time, their three children will be a huge part of proceedings.

real bride

Catching up with Mrs Smith to see how the planning is coming together for September 19…
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Meet the expert: Emma Fone of Heart & Sole Keepsake Jewellery

jewelleryMeet…Mrs Emma Fone.


Being made redundant can actually become the most wonderful opportunity to take the plunge and follow your dreams. It happened to me six years ago and I’ve never looked back with my freelance writing business. When faced with the same dilemma, Emma Fone took the leap of faith and launched Heart & Sole Keepsake Jewellery (http://www.heartandsolejewellery.co.uk) Now operating full-time around husband Robbie and three daughters, Emma reveals all about her thriving business which has recently expanded to include a wedding range.


Handing over the blog to Emma…
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Hen: Have a TOWIE or Made in Chelsea hen party!

Go on, admit it, you have a guilty pleasure for scripted reality shows such as The Only Way is Essex and Made in Chelsea! I admit to having dabbled with both, with a particular interest in TOWIE as I live in the heart of Essex myself (no, I don’t drive a Range Rover!).


Now, you can live out your very own reality hen party, thanks to Henparty Academy (http://www.henpartyacademy.co.uk/packages/).
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Dementia Awareness Week – our story

You may have noticed the new television adverts this week from the Alzheimer’s Society. Showing a normal family lunch, you see children, parents and grandparents around a dining table and the usual chit-chat you’d expect. But then you notice the grandad’s face change, a sudden and frightening realisation he no longer really knows what is happening around him, who these people are and what they are wanting from him. He looks panicked, confused and completely alone. You then see him sat physically alone at that same table; a simply heartbreaking image of the head of the family.


This week is Dementia Awareness Week. A week when we are all being asked to Do Something New in a mission to demonstrate that “life doesn’t end when dementia starts”. The Alzheimer’s Society wants to show the work it does to help people living with dementia to continue on with their lives for as long as possible, even learning new things along the way.


Why am I writing about this on my usually cheerful wedding blog, you may ask? My family is among the far too many living with this wicked, heartbreaking illness. My precious stepdad, Dick, has been in my life since I was six (30 years this year!).
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Fab Find: Everlasting bouquets by Satin Blossom

It’s such a shame that we can’t keep our bridal bouquets packed away safely with our beautiful dresses, to be admired long into the future. Of course there’s the option of pressing flowers, but that doesn’t enable you to pass your flowers on to the next generation to use on their big days.


Unless, of course, you use Satin Blossom (www.facebook.com). As well as handmade bespoke bouquets, they also create corsages, buttonholes, headdresses and shoe clips to match your theme. As every item is made for you, you can even include sentimental heirlooms from your history to be kept within the family for years to come.


Mum…just as important as the bride on a wedding day

Aside from my husband, my mum is my absolute best friend. We are super close and it was hugely important to me that my mum had the time of her life on my wedding day. Sadly, her husband – my dear stepdad – is in care with alzheimers and although he could make it along for a precious hour of our wedding, essentially mum faced the day on her own.


With such a rough couple of years behind her, mum felt she needed some professional attention to ensure she didn’t look how she had been feeling…drained, emotional and, in her words, ten years older than she was.

mum of bride

On the day, my mum could not have looked more incredible. Despite not being a one for make-up previously, she allowed the expert to work her magic and I’m sure she turned as many heads as me, the bride, on the day.


I’m sure my mum isn’t alone when it comes to feeling the pressure of looking her best on her daughter’s big day. In fact, wedding specialist make-up artist Celina Keywood (www.makeupbycelina.co.uk) has made it her mission to make mums of brides and grooms – and even nans – feel a million dollars on their special day.


Handing over the blog to Celina…
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Guest blog: 10 things to consider when choosing wedding flowers

Who knew there were so many aspects to consider when choosing your wedding flowers? I’m lucky to have a mother-in-law whose hobby has been floristry for many years so she could help us with our decisions. I knew from the start that I would like white avalanche roses, white calla lilies and gyp to keep things simple against our bridesmaids’ pale silver dresses, but it’s not that easy for everyone.

wedding flowers

Hollie of Flowers Make Scents (www.flowersmakescents.co.uk) is giving brides a huge helping hand by offering ten super useful tips to consider when choosing wedding flowers.
Handing over the blog to Hollie…
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Fab Find: Wedding photo collage by Heart and Home Gifts

I love a photo! If my husband hadn’t stopped me, our home would be covered from top to bottom with wedding and honeymoon photos. I love being surrounded by such happy memories and am always keen to discover new ways of using my photos.

Heart and Home
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Guest blog: Adore Brides offer one-stop shop for bridalwear

Buying a wedding dress is generally a whole new experience for a bride. Taking along your mum or best friend is always a good idea, but buying from experts who really know their stuff is vital. If you can buy your dress in a one-stop shop which will kit you out with everything you need, even better!

Kelly at Adore Brides

Luckily, I found my dream dress at Adore Brides (www.adorebrides.co.uk) and was able to piece together my outfit with their professional guidance.


Handing over the blog to Adore Brides…
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