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Romantic treats for Valentine’s Day

I’m a big fan of Valentine’s Day. In fact, you’ve probably already worked out, I’m a fan of any occasion! But, one that involves me, my husband and a bit of romance is always going to make me happy.

Sopwell House

Sopwell House

As with everything we do, we don’t like to follow the norm and just book a meal out on February 14. We like to find something just a touch different to do – that may even mean dining out on an alternative day that week and then indulging in an intimate meal for two at home on the day of love itself. It doesn’t need to be elaborate or expensive, but it does have to be special.


If you’re looking for inspiration to make your Valentine’s Day go with a bang, take a look at these ideas I’ve come across…
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Leap Year day proposals – is he up for it?

Time is ticking, ladies! Monday is THE day when it’s tradition for a woman to propose to her man. And, according to The Stag Company, there’s no need to panic as he’s likely to say yes!


The stag do organisers have done the leg work for you and asked around the male population on their thoughts on Leap Year – February 29 – proposals. It turns out, more than 50% of men would accept a proposal from their girlfriend, but make it low-key girls as all they want is something small (26%) or a nice meal out (21%). Simple creatures, really.


But, what about the bling? Men traditionally propose with a sparkler, but is the same expected round the other way?

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Becoming Mrs Robertson: The Leap Year threat!

With leap year day – February 29 – just around the corner, it’s got my mind flashing back to the last one in 2012. I’d completely forgotten that’s where our whole engagement story really began. You see, for years, Mr Robertson had insisted he didn’t want to go down the marriage path again, having already been there, done it and hated it. So, when the day where traditionally women propose to their men came around in 2012 – and we’d been together for two and a half years – I began “threatening” to pop the question myself.


For something that started as half joke / half giant hint from me, I was surprised by my then boyfriend’s panicked reaction. He literally was terrified I would go through with it! So, what I thought was a bit of fun turned into one of those deep and meaningful chats. At the time, it seemed to go well, although he was still nervous of marriage, he agreed we could go and look at engagement rings. Mixed messages aside, I had him in that jewellery shop quicker than he could reconsider what had just happened.


So, it was four years ago around now that I first put on THE ring (on my right hand, though, as I’m superstitious!). I’d always known the ring I’d wanted – a white gold trilogy diamond ring – and so it didn’t take much hunting to find it. Details noted, girlfriend beyond excited, boyfriend no doubt wondering how he’d got into this situation!



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Get-away: Luxury minimoon in Devon

There’s nothing better than those first few days after you’ve said your vows and become husband and wife. If you’re lucky enough to go straight away on honeymoon, you’ll find yourselves floating around on your own little cloud. More and more, couples are delaying their honeymoons, though, maybe to choose a better time of year to visit their country of choice or to give them time to save. To keep the wedding thrill going in the meantime, a perfect idea is to head off on a minimoon – a short, more local break away.


And I’ve come across what looks like the ideal place to start your married life in luxury. Dart Marina Hotel & Spa (www.dartmarina.com) offers a stylish home on the banks of the River Dart, in Devon. Number One gives couples the option to celebrate in luxurious surroundings, relaxing on a private terrace on the riverside.
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Becoming Mrs Robertson: Our date at TV’s First Dates restaurant

My husband and I (yep, still love saying that!) recently celebrated six years since we found each other through online dating. In fact, it was a whole week of me saying “this time six years ago, we…found each other/met for the first time/etc etc”. I love spending that week looking back on where we came from and how far we have travelled. I’ve even got those very first emails all printed out and stuck in a book so we never forget the first words said to each other – well, that’s the beauty of meeting online, there’s a record we can keep forever.


When good friends told us they’d been to the London restaurant made famous by one of our favourite TV shows, First Dates, we knew we had to celebrate our “anniversary” there. If you haven’t enjoyed the first couple of series, you’re missing out! It’s basically a real restaurant taken over by a telly crew to film couples on their first blind date. Some melt your heart and give you hopes for their future, while others are a disaster waiting to happen. It’s compulsive viewing and so we were hugely excited at the opportunity to dine at the Paternoster Chop House (www.paternosterchophouse.co.uk) overlooking St Paul’s.
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Becoming Mrs Robertson: Our 2nd anniversary in Tuscany

As we all melt in the UK heatwave, my thoughts are taken straight back to this time last month when we celebrated our second wedding anniversary in the beautiful Tuscan sunshine. Italy is a place I’ve long been keen to explore, with a list as long as my arm of parts of the beautiful country I want to visit. So, our wedding anniversary seemed the ideal time to take our first trip.

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Wedding diary: Unexpected proposal for Noemi

Last month, we met Noemi Kelly. In ten months’ time, she will become Mrs Pearson when she marries Chris in Puglia, Italy. As if that isn’t exotic enough, their proposal was set in an idyllic location, too.



Handing over the blog to Noemi…
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Getaway: A night at wedding venue The Swan at Lavenham

Some of my favourite things in the world are cosy character hotels, time to relax and enjoy a pampering and, of course, beautiful weddings! So, a trip to The Swan at Lavenham (www.theswanatlavenham.co.uk) was pretty much a perfect offering for me.

wedding venue

My husband and I visited for his birthday and so were looking for an ultra special overnight stay and we were not disappointed. The higgledy piggledy 15th century hotel, spa and wedding venue is among a charming and characterful medieval Suffolk countryside village…if oak beams, wonky floors and history are your thing, then this is the place to go.
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Getaway: Our romantic night at Woodfarm Barns

I’m a real romantic and I love precious times spent with my husband (I would imagine you’ve worked that out already!).


So, when we were invited to spend a night away at a luxury cottage made for two, I was beyond excited. Woodfarm Barns (www.woodfarmbarns.com) are a collection of the most beautiful mini cottages built in the grounds of the owner’s farmhouse in the Suffolk countryside. After research told him cottages are most often hired by couples looking for a romantic getaway, owner Carl Scott made it his mission to offer just that.
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Thanks for our Love Me Do Balloons!

This last week has all been about celebrating my husband’s birthday. I love an occasion (you know this about me by now!) and I love spoiling my loved ones and so I go all out on birthdays. This year, I was able to give Mr Robertson a giant surprise…an oversized balloon by Love Me Do Balloons (www.facebook.com/lovemedoballoons)! Ok, so when he arrived home to be faced with it, he almost had a heart attack, but he loved it once his heart stopped racing!

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