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Review: Happy feet with Alice Bow insoles

It’s all very well putting together a stunning wedding outfit – as a bride, bridesmaid or guest – but will you be in love with your choice after several hours of wearing it? Take those killer heels, for a start. They may give you the perfect height and match your dress like a dream, but if they end up cast to the side of the dancefloor before the day is done, what is the point.


I have a pair of beautiful navy heels I’ve worn to a couple of weddings. Problem is, they’re a touch too big for me and I do that unclassy thing of walking out of them occasionally. With such low cut sides, it’s impossible to add an insole without it being seen – a total fashion faux pas!

Unsightly traditional insole on the right, compared to the pretty Alice Bow on the left

Unsightly traditional insole on the right, compared to the pretty Alice Bow on the left

So, when the uber pretty Alice Bow luxury Italian leather insoles arrived through my door, I had finally struck upon a solution! Not only do they add the very slight tighter fitting I needed, but they are padded to give your feet maximum comfort.


When the next event came around, I was all set to dance the night away in my favourite navy heels, this time comforted by the fact I could bust my moves without hurling an ill-fitting shoe across the venue! And, do you know what, the Alice Bow insoles did the trick; I kept my party shoes on all day and all night without complaint.

The Alice Bow insoles, made in London, come in a wide range of colours – including this beautiful Metallic Light Blue which is the ideal “something blue” for the bride and comes with a lucky six pence – and can transform your high street shoe into what looks like a far more expensive accessory with its imprinted name and shimmer.


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Disclaimer: Alice Bow provided the insoles free of charge in return for a review on this blog.



Wedding diary: 3 months to go for bride-to-be Noemi!

It’s now just three months until Noemi and Chris head to beautiful Puglia, Italy, to become Mr and Mrs Pearson. With the most special trip of their lives ever approaching, it’s time to check in and see how the planning is coming along.

real wedding

Handing over the blog to Noemi…
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Fab Find: Everlasting bouquets by Satin Blossom

It’s such a shame that we can’t keep our bridal bouquets packed away safely with our beautiful dresses, to be admired long into the future. Of course there’s the option of pressing flowers, but that doesn’t enable you to pass your flowers on to the next generation to use on their big days.


Unless, of course, you use Satin Blossom (www.facebook.com). As well as handmade bespoke bouquets, they also create corsages, buttonholes, headdresses and shoe clips to match your theme. As every item is made for you, you can even include sentimental heirlooms from your history to be kept within the family for years to come.


Guest outfits: Is black now acceptable at weddings?

So, we are two out of three weddings down for this year. Two out of three new outfits worn and enjoyed. But, it seems things have changed in the world of weddings…and that black is now an acceptable colour for a guest to wear! Who knew!

The rule has always been, you simply don’t wear black (too dull and serious) or white (that’s reserved for the bride) when a guest at a wedding. You’ve obviously always had the occasional rule breaker, but weddings have always been full of guests in brightly coloured outfits.

guest outfit

I admit to being a sinner myself this year.
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Guest blog: 2015 wedding trends

Along with weddings comes lots of traditions. But, each year also brings the latest trends and fashions brides are choosing to make their big day on-trend.

wedding venue

Bridwell Park (www.bridwell.co.uk) is Devon’s newest wedding venue and is gearing up for its first year hosting brides and grooms. Its wedding team therefore has its finger on the pulse of what’s new for 2015 weddings.


Handing over the blog to Laura Cornick, on behalf of Bridwell, to outline the top ten wedding trends of 2015…
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Guest blog: Adore Brides offer one-stop shop for bridalwear

Buying a wedding dress is generally a whole new experience for a bride. Taking along your mum or best friend is always a good idea, but buying from experts who really know their stuff is vital. If you can buy your dress in a one-stop shop which will kit you out with everything you need, even better!

Kelly at Adore Brides

Luckily, I found my dream dress at Adore Brides (www.adorebrides.co.uk) and was able to piece together my outfit with their professional guidance.


Handing over the blog to Adore Brides…
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Competition! Win 2 tickets for The Wedding Fair at ExCel London!

The best of the best in the wedding industry are preparing to show off their wares at The Wedding Fair at ExCel London this month – and YOU could be going along!


ARBG has teamed up with Mercury Events to offer one lucky bride and her guest free entry to the show and access to more than 150 wedding suppliers and experts under one roof.
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Charity: Granting the last wishes of poorly brides and grooms

Every wedding is emotional. For many, their big day is tinged with sadness with death and illness meaning not every loved one can attend. But, for some, the pain and struggle is firsthand as they battle their own troubles to make it down the aisle.


Thankfully, there are charities which exist purely to help these couples to have the wedding day of their dreams.

wedding charity

Take a look at these wedding charities and see if you can help to make a bride and groom’s dreams come true by donating your time, products or services…

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I Love…our bridesmaids’ shoes

One of the only aspects of the wedding planning I struggled with was finding the right shoes for our bridesmaids. Having six bridesmaids ranging in age from eight to 15, it was a task to find something which would suit the ages, but also match each other. The younger girls were no longer “little girls”, but I didn’t feel they were old enough to have more grown-up style shoes. While, the oldest was already taller than me in flats, but wanted to have at least a slight heel, being a style conscious teen.

bridesmaid shoes

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Becoming Mrs Robertson: Finding the perfect outfit for Mr Robertson and his men

It’ll come as no real surprise to my readers that I don’t like traditional wedding suits for men. I’m not a fan of top hat and tails and I definitely do not like shiny waistcoats and matching cravats. In fact, it was about the only moment during our wedding planning that I almost threw a complete bridezilla strop, when my husband took a liking to said shiny waistcoats in a shop…


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