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Real wedding: Emma and Matthew’s traditional winter wedding

brideMeet…Mrs Emma Chilvers. Her traditional relationship started when boy (Matthew) met girl on a police work night out. They became man and wife at Newland Hall, Essex, following traditional wedding etiquette all the way…apart from the added props of their shotguns…


Take a look at the trailer of their wedding film, by Rideout Films (www.rideoutfilms.com), here… http://www.rideoutfilms.com/wedding-blog/entry/emma-matt-in-the-moment


Handing over the blog to the new Mrs Chilvers…
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Becoming Mrs Robertson: Our money-saving ideas

We didn’t have a budget for our wedding. There were no spreadsheets and there were no cutting corners and certainly no compromises. I’m the type of person who, if I want something, I simply work my backside off until I can afford it. My wedding day was going to be no different. However, I am also not the sort to waste money, spend it like it’s going out of fashion or spend now and worry later. The plan from the outset was to splurge on the things which were most important to us (the dress, the venue, the photos) and save money where we could on those extras which nobody would notice if they weren’t there.


In the end, it was about doing a little bit of clever thinking and prioritising. Here’s where we saved money on our big day…
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Becoming Mrs Robertson: Our monthly “anniversaries”

After the months spent planning our wedding, I wasn’t prepared to just switch off that part of my brain when the big day came and went. It didn’t seem right to just forget the day until our first anniversary came around. So, being the romantic that I am, I decided to mark every single monthly “anniversary” in the first 12 months after our wedding. Before you say “my husband would never agree to that”, as one friend has told me, rest assured Mr Robertson has done much eye rolling and laughing at me when the first of each month has come around and I’ve excitedly presented him with a surprise.


However, he hasn’t once refused to partake in the treats or accept the gifts – all with a link to our wedding – that I’ve come up with!


Take a look at the monthly treats I organised for my husband (and myself!). I hope you may find some inspiration for gifts or romantic treats in there for you and your loved one…
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Becoming Mrs Robertson: Our wedding film by Rideout Films…the 2014 Wedding Industry Awards videographer of the year!

After the excitement last week of our wedding venue being named as the UK’s best, we now find another of our suppliers is at the top of their game. Rideout Films (www.rideoutfilms.com), based in Hockley, Essex, has this week been crowned the 2014 Wedding Industry Awards videographer of the year! After winning through the regional stage, David was lined up as one of the top seven videographers in the country – and then crowed the national winner!
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