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Is this what the typical British wedding looks like?

This blog tries to share ideas to make weddings a little different. But, no matter how unique your big day, there are bound to be at least a few telltale signs there’s a British wedding in full swing.


Libra Photographic (www.libraphotographic.co.uk) has produced this infographic looking at the typical British wedding….
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Spooky Halloween wedding!

Happy Halloween! For most, today is about dressing up and spooking out your neighbours on a trick or treat mission. But, for others, Halloween is the perfect time for a totally unique wedding!

themed weddingLast year, Sam and Davina Wheatley enjoyed the most wonderfully different Tim Burton themed wedding. Co-ordinated on the day by Elegant Events Boutique (www.eleganteventsboutique.com), the couple celebrated their love in a truly personal way, with their purple and black wedding.

themed wedding

Imagine arriving to the evening reception of a wedding and following a path lit by expertly carved pumpkins. Most only dream of being so daring, but take a look at these photos and be inspired to create the wedding to suit your personalities…
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Fab Finds: Suppliers who helped make special occasion perfect

I love an occasion. Weddings, anniversaries or birthdays, I simply love making a fuss and making sure everything is just perfect. So, when my precious mum turned 60 recently, I turned to my bulging contacts book to enlist the help of lots of talented suppliers to help us to celebrate.

special occasion

Take a look at these wonderful suppliers and what they did to make this special occasion perfect…
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Fab Find: The very generous Sugar Rose

It’s so important to find wedding suppliers who are not only talented, but genuine, caring people. They are, after all, going to be supplying goods and services for the most important day of your life. That’s why I cannot recommend Sugar Rose (www.sugar-rose-vintage.co.uk) to you enough.

vintage wedding

I put a shout out on Twitter (follow me! @realbridesguide) last week asking for anyone willing or able to make any kind of donation to the dementia care home where my stepdad lives. I’m on a mission to organise little events and activities to brighten the lives of those living there. I was hoping for the odd cake stand or piece of bunting.
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Becoming Mrs Robertson: Our money-saving ideas

We didn’t have a budget for our wedding. There were no spreadsheets and there were no cutting corners and certainly no compromises. I’m the type of person who, if I want something, I simply work my backside off until I can afford it. My wedding day was going to be no different. However, I am also not the sort to waste money, spend it like it’s going out of fashion or spend now and worry later. The plan from the outset was to splurge on the things which were most important to us (the dress, the venue, the photos) and save money where we could on those extras which nobody would notice if they weren’t there.


In the end, it was about doing a little bit of clever thinking and prioritising. Here’s where we saved money on our big day…
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I Love…our alternative wedding cake!

There were certain things we refused to spend much money on for our wedding. Wedding cake was one of them. Neither of us like traditional wedding cake and have far too often seen piles of it left behind at other weddings. The hundreds of pounds people spend on fancy cakes, just to throw half of it away. No, that was not going to be us, so we were determined to come up with an alternative

wedding cake

My favourite dessert is cheesecake so we struck upon the idea of having tiers of cheesecake as our wedding “cake”.
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Advice: Knowing where to start with your wedding cake

When you are in the midst of planning your wedding, you can become a little overwhelmed with all the choices and decisions to make, especially when it comes to the wedding cake, says Lianne Crosby, on behalf of www.hitched.co.uk

You want it to be the most gorgeous wedding cake possible with flavours to die for, and why not, it is your big day!

Hitched have designed and created a gorgeous wedding cake infographic to help inspire ideas. Who knew there were so many sizes, shapes and flavour options? From the topsy turvy shape to the traditional square wedding cake filled with mouth-watering raspberry crème or lemon sorbet…yum! These are only a few of the ideas available to you…

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