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Wedding Ideas magazine features Mrs Robertson

I’ll always leap at an opportunity to talk about weddings, especially when I’m asked about my own big day!

So, when a journalist got in touch to discuss wedding traditions with me for a feature she was writing for Wedding Ideas magazine, I was obviously up for the chat.

As much as I’m a hopeless romantic and love many wedding traditions, my husband and I weren’t afraid to ditch the ones which didn’t mean as much to us.

If you’re battling with the potentially controversial decision to go against traditions for some or all aspects of your wedding, have a read of this for some inspiration and encouragement to do what suits you.

I am referred to in this article as simply Kelly…

Were talking wedding traditions! – Where are they headed?

I would love to hear about the traditions you are sticking with or ignoring for your big day…

The first live This Morning wedding – we were there!

Wow. There is no other word, but wow. To say yesterday’s first ever live wedding on ITV’s This Morning was incredible would be an understatement.

Our dear friends Annie and Gareth were the lucky pair to be chosen to get wed in front of the nation aboard the HQS Wellingon on the Thames, just across the water from the television studios.

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My friend, the This Morning bride!

Do you ever watch those mind-blowing experiences on TV and wonder what it would feel like to be chosen to take part? To be sent on an exotic holiday or take delivery of a luxury car…or have your dream wedding day planned for you. Well, it turns out, those fantasies do become reality for real people!


When I spotted ITV’s This Morning was looking to throw a wedding this spring, I knew the exact people who should put themselves forward. My good friend Annie is, thankfully, just coming out the other side of a hellish year, having discovered a lump in her breast while watching a feature on This Morning this time last year urging women to check themselves.

During her 12 months of treatment, losing her hair, feeling poorly and terrified, one thing that kept playing on her mind was maybe never getting the chance to marry her man, Gareth. They had already got engaged, but finances and then Annie’s illness meant any solid plans to become man and wife had to go on the backburner indefinitely.


And then came This Morning Throws A Wedding.
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I Love…memorial charm by Beatrice Belle

There’s nothing more painful on your wedding day than missing a loved one who cannot be with you. My precious stepdad has Alzheimer’s and so couldn’t be there for the whole of our wedding day. To make sure he felt close to me, I carried his wedding ring inside my wedding dress as a comfort.


So, with my dear friend Annie’s big day (HUGE day – she’ll marry live on TV’s This Morning!) just around the corner, I wanted to give her the same comfort in memory of her late dad.


Luckily, my friend over at Beatrice Belle has just the thing to make sure a lost loved one can be a part of a bride’s special day. And so, a sneaky chat with the groom-to-be, old photo scanned in and emailed over and Beatrice Belle had produced the most incredible memorial charm which will take pride of place on Annie’s wedding day bouquet.


Just perfect.

Wedding diary: 8 months to go for bride-to-be Lucy!

Planning has got a little bit boring for bride Lucy Smith who is still stuck in a planning “gap”. BUT, she has seen The Dress! With just eight months to go until she marries Imran to become the new Mrs Shah, let’s see how the bride-to-be is doing.

real bride

Handing over the blog to Lucy…
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Wedding diary: Vow renewal for Charlie from Truly I Do

In just a few short weeks, my good friend Charlie Smith from Truly I Do (http://trulyido.weebly.com) will stand with husband Dan before their friends and family and renew their wedding vows…but this time, their three children will be a huge part of proceedings.

real bride

Catching up with Mrs Smith to see how the planning is coming together for September 19…
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The great British wedding – the facts!

We’ve all been to plenty of weddings and seen lots of similarities and differences at each and every one. But, a survey of 1,500 couples who married in the past five years shows just what the great British wedding looks like.


The survey, by QHotels (www.qhotels.co.uk), uncovers the average cost of a British wedding reception is £8,650, we generally invite a total of 64 guests and spend 14.5 months planning. It also shows how social media is playing a bigger part in weddings now, with hashtags being set up for guests to share and collect photos throughout the day.


How does that compare to your big day?
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Wedding diary: Vow renewal for Charlie from Truly I Do

Many of you will already know Charlie from Truly I Do (http://trulyido.weebly.com). If you’re following her page on Facebook, you will be regularly entertained by her wonderfully humorous posts and photos of her beautiful, handmade garters.

real wedding

Charlie was my best friend at school. She made my hen and wedding garters and is the go-to person for any bride looking for an ultra special, bespoke garter.


But for now, it’s time to turn the attention onto Charlie: the bride. Married already to Dan and with three children completing their family, the Smiths are planning a vow renewal for September this year to cement their “gang”.


We will be following Charlie – Mrs Smith – on her vow renewal planning journey!


Handing over the blog to Charlie…
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Fab Find: Everlasting bouquets by Satin Blossom

It’s such a shame that we can’t keep our bridal bouquets packed away safely with our beautiful dresses, to be admired long into the future. Of course there’s the option of pressing flowers, but that doesn’t enable you to pass your flowers on to the next generation to use on their big days.


Unless, of course, you use Satin Blossom (www.facebook.com). As well as handmade bespoke bouquets, they also create corsages, buttonholes, headdresses and shoe clips to match your theme. As every item is made for you, you can even include sentimental heirlooms from your history to be kept within the family for years to come.


Meet the Expert: Kate Winchurst from Mrs W Tutus

Meet…Mrs Kate Winchurst. wedding dress


Despite having a vicar for a father and marrying Dan 13 years ago in one of his churches, Mrs Winchurst added a unique twist to her own wedding by having a breakfast butty van help soothe guests’ hangovers the morning after!


When children started to come along ten years ago, the mum-of-three was keen to create a business which allowed her to do something she loved, as well as being flexible enough to enable her to do school runs. Mrs W Tutus (www.mrswtutus.co.uk) was born last year, making that dream a reality!


Handing over the blog to Mrs Winchurst…
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