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Wedding Ideas magazine features Mrs Robertson

I’ll always leap at an opportunity to talk about weddings, especially when I’m asked about my own big day!

So, when a journalist got in touch to discuss wedding traditions with me for a feature she was writing for Wedding Ideas magazine, I was obviously up for the chat.

As much as I’m a hopeless romantic and love many wedding traditions, my husband and I weren’t afraid to ditch the ones which didn’t mean as much to us.

If you’re battling with the potentially controversial decision to go against traditions for some or all aspects of your wedding, have a read of this for some inspiration and encouragement to do what suits you.

I am referred to in this article as simply Kelly…

Were talking wedding traditions! – Where are they headed?

I would love to hear about the traditions you are sticking with or ignoring for your big day…

Squeal! Our table plan in national magazine!

I’ve just literally squealed out loud after reading an email from the fabulous Gemma at Bridezilla Design Company (www.bridezilladesign.co.uk) who designed our table plan and the look of this blog.

She was emailing to let us know our stunning table plan – which now takes pride of place in my office – features in this month’s Wedding Ideas magazine!

Take a look…

table plan