Wedding diary: 8 months to go for bride-to-be Lucy!

Planning has got a little bit boring for bride Lucy Smith who is still stuck in a planning “gap”. BUT, she has seen The Dress! With just eight months to go until she marries Imran to become the new Mrs Shah, let’s see how the bride-to-be is doing.

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Handing over the blog to Lucy…

Eight months to go! The gap is still boring me! However, my wedding dress arrived last week!!

That definitely filled the gap a bit. I haven’t seen the dress since I ordered in back in April. My mum came with me to pick it up and try it on again. It was a really fun appointment. I stayed in the dress the whole appointment and tried on every accessory under the sun! Where do you start? Veils, tiara, clips, heels, jewellery. It was fun playing dress-up.


It was really worthwhile trying these things on while in the dress. I thought I knew what type of accessories I wanted. Trying them on with the dress totally changed my mind on a few things! My advice with accessories would be to wait until you can try on and play about with ideas. Otherwise, you will end up spending money on items you later dislike or don’t even use. Want to know more about my wedding dress appointment? Read all about it at


Imran and I are off to Greece soon and I literally can’t wait! I have been working so many night shifts that we have barely seen each other. In a way, it has made us closer because now we really appreciate what time we have together. Two weeks away is exactly what we need.


When we get back, wedding planning will properly kick off. I am heading up to my mum’s for a week to get stuck into planning. We are making our own invites with the help of my godmother. In that week off, we will be printing, folding and sticking. I can’t wait to show you the invites once they are done. I feel like invites are another minefield. There are so many options, I don’t even know where to start. Time to turn to Pinterest for inspiration!


Hope you are all having a fab September! I hope to have some slightly more exciting updates for you next month.


Love Lu xx


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