Wedding diary: 9 months to go for bride-to-be Lucy!

Bride Lucy Smith is down to single figures with just nine months to go until she says I Do to Imran and becomes Mrs Shah. Planning has quietened down slightly for the couple, but time is flying and the big day fast approaching. Mind “the gap”…

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Handing over the blog to Lucy…


I can’t believe how fast this year is going! How on earth is it August already?

Wedding planning is not really happening at the moment. We have organised and booked all the big things and until I take my bridesmaids shopping in October, there isn’t much more I can do. I’ve heard other brides talk about the “gap” before. Once all the big stuff is organised, there is a gap until anything else needs to be done. From what my friends have said, you should use this gap wisely!

I have taken note of this and have used “the gap” to play around with the centrepieces and venue decor ideas. I’m making all of our centrepieces myself. I think it’s a good way of keeping the cost down and I really want our wedding to be homely and handmade. I might not be saying that nearer the time, though! I figured it was a good idea to play about with ideas at the moment when I have plenty of time on my hands.

real wedding

I’m using fresh flowers which means they will need to be made up the day before. After realising this, I am now wondering if silk flowers are a safer option. I’m so glad I’ve done a couple of practice attempts. A few problems cropped up which I hadn’t anticipated. The cages are quite small, the flowers are not! That makes it a fiddly, logistical nightmare. I’ve decide to discard the candle in the centre of the cage. Instead, I’m planning to put tea lights in glass jars around the centrepieces. These are my very first attempts. Lots of the details have changed which is why doing these practice centrepieces early was a great idea.

real wedding

The other thing I’ve been working on this month is the hen party!! Getting a rough plan together early on means all my hens have plenty of warning. You know what it’s like trying to get a group of girls together for a coffee. Trying to find a day everyone can do is a logistical nightmare. My maid of honour has been fab. I picked a date and a venue and she has been busy doing all the leg work. I’m so excited now for our weekend away!


I’m hoping my wedding dress will arrive into the bridal shop soon. I can’t wait to try it on again. The bridal shop suggested it would be about four months before it was ready. That’s something to be aware of girls! If you’re looking for a dress last minute, you will be restricted in what styles can be made in time.


So that’s it from me this month. Still feeling quite calm and organised! Long may it last.


Love Lu xx

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