Wedding diary: One week to go for vow renewal Charlie!

This time next week, my good friend Charlie Smith from Truly I Do ( will have tied the knot once again to husband of nine years, Dan. They will have seen all their plans come together and declared their never-ending love in front of their family and friends – including myself and Mr Robertson.

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Checking in to see how Mrs Smith is doing with one week to go until her vow renewal…

So, we’re down to the one week countdown and, thankfully, I’m done with the anxiety emotional wreckness!


I’ve had an absolutely fantastic productive week which started off, of course, with a “hen” night. Sure, technically I’m not a hen, but hey when in Rome and all that jazz. It was a surprise with just my closest friends and my mum and sister and I actually loved it. First time around back in 2006, I was pregnant so I couldn’t drink. I made up for that non-drinking hen this time around. There were classic willy straws and dares and I embraced it all.

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I think the hen night injected the fun back into the planning and on Monday I was head down and full of enthusiasm. I created a lovely card box using my vintage mini case and I made the table plan using a mirror from our hallway. Both of these include a blue doily print which runs through the whole renewal. I’ve also sewn the cutest little ring box cushion which now sits pretty holding our rings.

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The children’s entertainment table mats have all been printed and are ready along with their packs of crayons. Really all that’s left to do for the guests is affix the temporary tattoos to the instructions and stuff the favour bags.

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But, here is the most amazing part of this past week … I have learnt to bake! (fist pump!). The last time I baked I was 16 and actually really just assisting my mum. But, this week, my lovely friend Kirsty taught me how to make a Victoria Sponge; it was the trial of what will be our naked cake. There were eggs and flour and butter cream and something that looked like jam but was called a conserve and I used what looked like a big tea strainer to “dust” the top and it was amazing!

real wedding

Back at the beginning of planning this renewal, Dan and I made a deal whereby he would book the venue and I would do everything else. But, he’s actually been very fabulous at cutting things up with the paper guillotine (a must for a DIY bride) and he’s started writing his speech. But, most importantly, when I’ve panicked about anything he has reassured me it’s not the end of the world. He’s reminded me that what is important is us celebrating being Dan, I and the kids with all our bestest friends and family.


So on Saturday September 19, that’s exactly what I will be doing, celebrating with my friends and family which is really what it’s all about.


Charlie xx

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  1. Charlie says:

    Thanks for letting us share the countdown Kelly xx

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